Bayview Hills Open 2010 Rubik's Cube Tournament

Date: January 16, 2010

Location:Bayview Hills Community Center
1876 Sky Harbor Road
San Diego, CA 92139

Venue: Bayview Hills Community Center Basketball court


9:00 Registration
9:30 2x2 Final
10:00 3x3 First round
10:45 3x3 One Handed 1st round
12:00 Lunch/square-1
1:00 3x3 2nd Round
1:30 3x3 Blindfolded Final
2:30 3x3 One Handed Final
3:00 4x4 Combined Final 1:30 cut off
3:30 3x3 Head to Head unofficial top 16
4:00 3x3 Final
4:30 Awards/Clean up

Registration fee:$11 entry fee

Competitors, please make sure you are familiar with the WCA regulations.

There will be prizes for top 3 in each event as well as prizes for top 3 first time competitors for 3x3x3 and top 3 Parents for 3x3x3.

List of preregistered competitors